Eawag Partnership Programme for Developing Countries

Supporting applied research for development is a longstanding commitment of Eawag. Problems of water scarcity, environmental pollution, resource exploitation and loss of biodiversity are of growing concern globally. Eawag, with its multi-disciplinary research approach and its international network of scientific partners and research centres, is globally recognized for providing pertinent solutions to these growing challenges.

The Eawag Partnership Program (EPP) was established in (YEAR 2008) to further develop Eawag’s training and applied research activities for development. EPP aims at strengthening partner institutions through academic, professional and research capacity building at the individual and organizational level.

EPP Fellowship Program

The EPP Fellowship Program, as part of the EPP, provides talented students with the unique opportunity to join Eawag’s scientific community and receive one-on-one mentorship. It offers 6 fellowships each year.

Key features

The program provides scientific training and exchange during a short-term research visit (3 or 4 months.) Each fellow is associated with one of the Eawag departments and obtains guidance and training from their host mentor.

Application process

PhD students (exceptionally MSc) based in non-OECD countries and working on environmentally, technically and/or socially relevant topics with an established link to Eawag are eligible to apply. After submission, the application will be evaluated by the EPP Selection Committee through a competitive selection process. Fellows are selected based on the scientific quality of the proposed project and the relevance of the topic for the development sector.

To apply

Applications can be submitted online "Apply here". In addition to the completed application form, please submit a one-page proposal highlighting the relevance of the suggested topic for your country and summarizing the tasks to be carried out at Eawag.

Please also submit your CV in PDF or Word format. A statement and commitment by Eawag staff to host the applicant is also a requirement for the application. Applications in French or English are accepted.

The fellowship program has two application deadlines: 01 March and 01 September.

Cover picture: Thanks to the EPP stipedium, Nida Maqbool can spend several months conducting research at Eawag during her doctoral thesis. Linda Strande, Eawag researcher, guides her work in the lab. (Photo: Paul Donahue)


EPP Fellows

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