Eawag Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Eawag postdoctoral fellowship position aims at offering outstanding young scientists with exciting research ideas the possibility for a two year research position at Eawag to strengthen their research career towards becoming independent scientists. Anyone who would like to apply is requested to submit a proposal submission, which includes a research plan, reference letters and a recommendation letter by one of the research department heads at Eawag.

Research focus

Highly qualified individuals are invited to apply for the fellowship to conduct research in any field in the area of aquatic science and technology. Eawag focuses on cutting-edge research that is driven by the needs of society and leads to significant advances in the aquatic sciences. Innovative approaches and technologies for the sustainable management and use of water are developed through collaborations among natural and social scientists and engineers. The postdoctoral fellow will be hosted within one of Eawag’s 12 Research Departments.

Selection criteria

Selection of the postdoctoral fellow will be based on his or her academic record and his or her description of a research project to be conducted at Eawag.


This fellowship is limited to candidates who have no prior collaboration with Eawag and who have been granted a doctoral degree not more than two years before the application deadline.


The candidate’s application must include:

  • a brief letter of application that includes the title of the proposed postdoctoral project
  • a brief abstract (not to exceed 250 words) written for a reader who is not an expert in the topic. The letter should also identify the Research Department that the candidate would be an appropriate host for the project.
  • a curriculum vitae including a list of publications
  • a description of a research project to be conducted at Eawag (3 pages, including references)
  • names and contact information for two academic references

Current Post-doc

The current Postdoc scholarship holders research at Eawag for two years.


Marco E. Franco
Department Environmental Toxicology


Francine van den Brandeler
Environmental Social Sciences / Sanitation, Water & Solid Waste for Development



Sital Uprety
Department Sanitation, Water & Solid Waste for Development

Former Eawag post docs

Eawag introduced this initiative in 2010. Since then several outstanding young scientists have carried out research as Eawag post docs. The former Eawag post docs are


Dr. Johanna Ten Brink
Department Fish Ecology & Evolution


Dr. Lauren Marie Cook
Department Urban Water Management


Dr. Tarek Manasfi
Department Environmental Chemistry


Dr. Luis Gilarranz
Department Aquatic Ecology


Dr. Erfan Haghighi


Dr. Sara Beck


Dr. Alice Hélène Léa Aubert
Department Environmental Social Sciences


Dr. Miguel Leal


Dr. Anita Narwani
Department Aquatic Ecology


Dr. Emanuel Alexis Fronhofer


Dr. Mira Kattwinkel


Dr. George Fraser Wells