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Water Supply and Treatment

Sandec’s Water Suppy and Treatment (WST) group focuses on developing, testing and disseminating solutions for extending and sustaining access to safe drinking water globally. Our research approach draws on the fields of engineering, economics and the social sciences, with a specific focus on rural communities and small towns where progress towards international drinking water targets lags behind the rest of the world. As a WHO Collaborating Centre on Sanitation and Water in Developing Countries, we strived to link empirical evidence to sector policy and practice through targeted dissemination and open access training resources.


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Ongoing Projects

With Helvetas-Nepal, this project aims to establish a drinking water security strategy in rural communities
The aim of PACT is, to identify behaviour change techniques on how to increase the psychological ownership over safe-drinking-water-collection infrastructure and to increase the long-term use by strengthening people’s habits.
A multi-stakeholder projects that aims to identify sustainable service models for small towns in Uganda.
Extending access to water quality testing with adapted and simplified materials and methods.
Assessing the sustainability of toilets constructed during the ODF campaigns and the impact of extreme weather events on toilet use in the Terai region
A summary of the sanitation situation in the pan-European region with recommendations for addressing current and emerging sanitation challenges

Past Projects

Evaluating five household water filters in emergency settings to inform better designs.
This collaborative project with Winrock International will assess the impact of Multiple-use Water Services (MUS) projects in Burkina Faso and Tanzania.
Assessing uptake of arsenic in food products and current practices in drinking water quality monitoring.


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