Department Water Resources and Drinking Water

Water Resources & Drinking Water

Our research concentrates on physical and chemical processes in groundwater, surface water and drinking water. We conduct basic and applied research on water resources, water contaminants, and water treatment to contribute to sustainable water management from local to nationwide scales.

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Soltermann, F.; Abegglen, C.; Tschui, M.; Götz, C.; Zimmermann-Steffens, S.; von Gunten, U. (2019) Verminderung der Bromatbildung. Mögliche Strategien zur Minimierung der Bromatbildung bei der Abwasserbehandlung mit Ozon, Aqua & Gas, 99(1), 14-21, Institutional Repository
Song, Y.; Jiang, J.; Ma, J.; Zhou, Y.; von Gunten, U. (2019) Enhanced transformation of sulfonamide antibiotics by manganese(IV) oxide in the presence of model humic constituents, Water Research, 153, 200-207, doi:10.1016/j.watres.2019.01.011, Institutional Repository
Betterle, A.; Schirmer, M.; Botter, G. (2019) Flow dynamics at the continental scale: streamflow correlation and hydrological similarity, Hydrological Processes, 33(4), 627-646, doi:10.1002/hyp.13350, Institutional Repository
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March 19, 2019

In order to move from one host to another, certain parasites change their behaviour. The more effectively a parasite can manipulate its host, the greater its evolutionary advantage. It therefore passes on its characteristics to its descendants, as a new Eawag study has shown. Read more

Research Projects

The project investigates what measures are most effective in influencing a river corridor so that river restoration and groundwater flow systems can help to mitigate the effects of floods and droughts.
This project facilitates the exchange of data, maps and information on geogenic contaminants (focussing on arsenic and fluoride) via the web-based Groundwater Assessment Platform (GAP)