Department Water Resources and Drinking Water

Water Resources & Drinking Water

Our research concentrates on physical and chemical processes in groundwater, surface water and drinking water. We conduct basic and applied research on water resources, water contaminants, and water treatment to contribute to sustainable water management from local to nationwide scales.

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Jaeger, A.; Coll, C.; Posselt, M.; Mechelke, J.; Rutere, C.; Betterle, A.; Raza, M.; Mehrtens, A.; Meinikmann, K.; Portmann, A.; Singh, T.; Blaen, P. J.; Krause, S.; Horn, M. A.; Hollender, J.; Benskin, J. P.; Sobek, A.; Lewandowski, J. (2019) Using recirculating flumes and a response surface model to investigate the role of hyporheic exchange and bacterial diversity on micropollutant half-lives, Environmental Science: Processes and Impacts, doi:10.1039/C9EM00327D, Institutional Repository
Lewandowski, J.; Arnon, S.; Banks, E.; Batelaan, O.; Betterle, A.; Broecker, T.; Coll, C.; Drummond, J. D.; Garcia, J. G.; Galloway, J.; Gomez-Velez, J.; Grabowski, R. C.; Herzog, S. P.; Hinkelmann, R.; Höhne, A.; Hollender, J.; Horn, M. A.; Jaeger, A.; Krause, S.; Löchner Prats, A.; Magliozzi, C.; Meinikmann, K.; Mojarrad, B. B.; Mueller, B. M.; Peralta-Maraver, I.; Popp, A. L.; Posselt, M.; Putschew, A.; Radke, M.; Raza, M.; Riml, J.; Robertson, A.; Rutere, C.; Schaper, J. L.; Schirmer, M.; Schulz, H.; Shanafield, M.; Singh, T.; Ward, A. S.; Wolke, P.; Wörman, A.; Wu, L. (2019) Is the hyporheic zone relevant beyond the scientific community?, Water, 11(11), 2230 (33 pp.), doi:10.3390/w11112230, Institutional Repository
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October 30, 2019

What developments do urban water researchers and professionals see as important – or worthy of scepticism? A pioneering horizon scan conducted by Eawag scientists indicates that, for this community, digitalisation is a particular concern – in a positive and negative sense. In this interview, Frank Blumensaat, an environmental engineer at ETH Zurich and Eawag, discusses the opportunities and risks it creates in the urban water field.

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Research Projects

The project investigates what measures are most effective in influencing a river corridor so that river restoration and groundwater flow systems can help to mitigate the effects of floods and droughts.
This project facilitates the exchange of data, maps and information on geogenic contaminants (focussing on arsenic and fluoride) via the web-based Groundwater Assessment Platform (GAP)