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Strategic Environmental Sanitation Planning

Compendium of Sanitation Systems and Technologies
This second, revised edition of the Compendium presents a huge range of information on sanitation systems and technologies in one volume. By ordering and structuring tried and tested technologies into once concise document, the reader is provided with a useful planning tool for making more informed decisions.

Community-Led Urban Environmental Sanitation Planning (CLUES)
A set of planning guidelines based on a multi-sector and multi-actor approach accounting for water supply, sanitation, solid waste management and storm drainage in urban areas, and emphasizing the participation of all stakeholders from an early stage in the planning process.

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Urban sanitation general

Reymond, P.; Chandragiri, R.; Ulrich, L. (2020) Governance arrangements for the scaling up of small-scale wastewater treatment and reuse systems - lessons from India, Frontiers in Environmental Science, 8, 72 (16 pp.), doi:10.3389/fenvs.2020.00072, Institutional Repository

Sanitation Technology

  • Santiago software supports sustainable sanitation planningThis short article published in The Source - the magazine of the International Water Association (IWA), introduces an approach for the identification of locally appropriate sanitation system options as an input into the strategic planning process (e.g. CLUES, Sanitation21 or CSP). The approach is based on a software called SANTIAGO (SANitation sysTem Alternative GeneratOr) and intended to assist engineers considering the broad range of conventional and novel sanitation technology and system options. Spuhler, D. and Scheidegger, A. (2019).[118KB]
  • Assessing the Costs of on-Site Sanitation FacilitiesThis report compares toilet costs in Africa and Asia and provides answers on why on-site sanitation facilities are so much more expensive in Sub-Saharan Africa. L. Ulrich, P. Salian, C. Saul, St. Jüstrich, Ch. Lüthi (2016)[2.12MB]
  • A Collection of Contemporary Toilet Designs.EOOS and WEDC (2014). This book bublished by WEDC in collaboration with Sandec and EOOS provides insight into new and innovative ways of addressing global sanitation issues at the user interface level. This collection is the result of the findings of the Eawag team of engineers and social scientists working on the Blue Diversion Toilet project together with EOOS. It covers a wide range of contemporary designs along with a valuable list of website links where additional information about each design can be sought.[4.81MB]

Household-Centred Environmental Sanitation (HCES)

N.B. The HCES have been revised, and are now called CLUES. This section contains publications on HCES, more recent publications on this topic can be found in CLUES.