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Guidelines for Community-Led Urban Environmental Sanitation Planning (CLUES)

Eawag-Sandec in partnership with UN-HABITAT and WSSCC has published complete guidelines for Community-Led Urban Environmental Sanitation Planning (CLUES). This updated set of planning guidelines is based on the lessons learned from piloting the HCES approach. The name change from HCES to CLUES highlights the importance of broad community involvement (beyond the household level) in the planning and decision-making processes. Although the name changed, the main characteristics stay the same: a multi-sector and multi-actor approach accounting for water supply, sanitation, solid waste management and storm drainage in urban areas and emphasizing the participation of all stakeholders from an early stage in the planning process.

Highlights of these new planning guidelines for decision-makers:

  • Simple to use, featuring 7 logical planning steps
  • Easy and accessible language which non-experts can also follow
  • Focus on how an enabling environment can be fostered during the planning process
  • New interactive toolbox containing 30 “how-to-do-it” tools which support planners to implement the approach


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CLUES Toolbox

T2: Interview Methods & Questionnaire Examples

T3: Participatory Assessment Methods

T4: Organising Meetings, Events and Workshops

T5: Stakeholder Analysis

T6: Sample Agenda Official Launching Workshop

T7: PowerPoint Slides CLUES Presentation

T9: Assessment Checklist

T16: PowerPoint Slides Compendium Presentation

T17: Procedure for the Pre-Selection of Sanitation Systems

T18: Greywater Management Manual

T19: Surface Wate Drainage Manual

T20: Sanitation Costing Tool

T21: Sample Agenda Community Consultation Workshop

T22: Powerpoint Slides Presentation Outline for the Community Consultation Workshop

T23: Contents of an Action Plan