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Practical knowhow on Black Soldier Fly (BSF) biowaste processing

This web-based guide has the objective to share practical information, be this day-to-day knowledge of operating a BSF processing or developing products from BSF larvae.

How to operate a black soldier fly facility

The book “Black Soldier Fly Biowaste Processing: A Step-by-Step Guide 2nd Edition” has been prepared for practical use, explaining the required materials and equipment, as well as each working step similar to a cookbook with its respective recipes.


Black Soldier Fly Biowaste Processing: A Step-by-Step Guide 1st Edition. (in Chinese)

BSF ယင်မဲမွေးမြူရေးတွင် ဇီဝစွန့်ပစ်ပစ္စည်းများအား အသုံးချခြ င်း လမ်းညွှန်ချက် အဆင့်ဆင့် -ဒုတိယအကြိမ်ထုတ် ဝေမှု

Managing a BSF nursery

Find here a few tools and facts about the heart of your BSF facility: the nursery

Learning videos

Starting your own BSF colony

Measuring BSF nursery production

Fact sheets

BSF rearing with artificial light

Towards automatic enumeration of BSFL offspring

Substrates for feeding BSF larvae

It is critical that the substrate is suitable for feeding to the larvae. Here you find information on larval nutrition and suitable substrates.

Formulation of biowastes

Formulation of biowastes for BSF larvae based on protein and carbohydrates

Literature review of decomposition by BSF larvae

Substrate data base

Using and Marketing BSFL products

The market for BSFL products strongly depends on the local context. Find below information on different uses of larvae and residue.

Fact sheets

Market analysis in Surabaya, Indonesia

Using fresh BSFL to substitute commercial catfish feed

Using fresh BSFL to substitute commercial chicken feed

Applicability of BSFL products as ornamental fish and bird food

Market potential for BSFL products in Surabaya – East Java

The economics of BSF biowaste processing

A business model for your BSF facility should be in place before starting your venture especially if the intention is to run it as a business.

These tools and literature help you to plan your own BSF facility.

BSFL Business Model

Simplified Excel Calculator for a BSF Facility

BSFL Business Models Manual

Scenario 01:  Business Model Centralized BSFL Plant


From pilot to full scale facility

Opportunities and constraints for medium-scale organic waste treatment with fly larvae composting

Safety considerations


Heavy metals in BSF larvae